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Individualized Support
I’m a San Francisco therapist helping individuals and couples work through issues and identify solutions. Using talk therapy, Drama Therapy, and/or Creative Arts methods, we’ll work together to find answers that are right for you. No matter what your needs are, I'm here to help. Here are a few of my focus areas.
Personal Discovery
Whether you’re looking to improve communication skills, become more assertive, or set goals, I can help build the self-confidence needed to respond to any challenge.

Life Transitions
Working through unexpected life changes or events? Looking to build more interpersonal skills? We’ll work in partnership to identify your support systems and increase your strategies for self-care.

Couples Counseling
Couples may need to work through any number of issues during the course of their relationship — communication problems, infidelity, conflicting needs, or simply a desire to gain a deeper understanding of differing perspectives. My practice is a forum for clarifying perceptions and navigating the sometimes rocky terrain of romantic relationships.

Often, simply identifying negative thought processes can greatly reduce bouts of anxiety and depression. I use “reality testing” and other structured approaches to help you develop skills for recognizing these symptoms and gaining relief.

I have substantial experience helping older individuals through unique life changes that come with the aging process, including coping with physical challenges, combating isolation, and handling end of life matters.

Creative Blocks
I’m a big proponent of using the arts as a means of self-discovery, and the methods I use in my practice include Drama Therapy and Visual Arts. Not only are these techniques fun, they can lead to many important and meaningful breakthroughs.

San Francisco has the most vibrant LGBTQI community in the world, but prejudice and bigotry still exist. Coping with or confronting homophobia, identifying allies, and navigating the “coming out” process are all areas where therapy is valuable.